Dec. 24, 2012

Works in progress..

Mixed media works in progress on board

Nov. 19, 2012

Nov. 18, 2012



from the sketchbook

Nov. 12, 2012

Apr. 15, 2012

My 2012 Showreel is ready. Enjoy watching !
digitally painting an older sketch..

Feb. 22, 2010


Work in progress. This is a 3d scene done in Maya I've based on a sketch by Michael Gunder.
Check out his amazing stuff here:

Dec. 24, 2009

Dekel Oved- Showreel 2009

Check out my 2009 Showreel

Nov. 21, 2009

Sketch - Kid

Nov. 17, 2009

Ramon Crater

created some 3D shapes to superimpose on this photo I'd taken of the Ramon crater.

Jul. 10, 2009

Hermes anime style

Started as a work project and then I produced these images as well.. Modo for modeling and Photoshop for the rest.

Jun. 11, 2009

some sketchbook images

some images from my sketchbook, retouched in photoshop.


Squiddy is a product of some free time mostly on the train to and from work. enjoy !

Apr. 14, 2009

I am

I am Dexatron. Quick Personal 3d experiment with abstract shapes.

Feb. 7, 2009

Spontaneous #001

doodling around with 3d software. i took the render into photoshop and had me some fun with the wacom tablet.
enjoy !

Jan. 10, 2009


I created Navigator at the studio [ ] for silk printing. I'll post an image of the final product (t-shirt) after it's printed.

Jan. 9, 2009


personal project of mine.


Originally, the design to the left of the image was created for work, messing around with it a little was interesting.


Plant reproduction diagram-style image created for silkprinting.

3D character sketch

Some free time with 3d software resulted in this 3d character+armor sketch.

Jan. 6, 2009


This is a creature sketch. A scanned and digitally colored pencil rough.


Another piece made for silk-printing.


Clouds. Just a doodle I fiddled with on the machine.

Valkyrie poster



Moose #1. recognize.


Astronaut crash

Concept sketches and final created to be silkprinted. The crashed astronaut remains being pecked at by random crows is how I felt around the time I came up with this.
check out this print in the e-shop at: Posters

Some Posters Created for

Dentist's chair

Another piece done for silkprinting on fabric.
check out the Plazmalab e-shop for some rocking, original merchandise:

Jan. 4, 2009

Ganesha- Design for Ganesha Room Of Goa, Moscow

Design made for A clothing shop based in Moscow, Ganesha Room of Goa.
Yes, that *is* a mouse smoking a chillum.. =D